Monday, 14 March 2011

Spring Is Here

What a lovely day it has been, it's been very difficult to come indoors and work.
Spring seems to have arrived and the new buds are all bursting about to bloom, the frogs are back in our big pond but no sign of them in the little pond yet, its colder on that side of the garden and everything happens a couple of weeks later there.
The birds are very active and our three story bird box has sparrows in the bottom two sections and blue tits in the penthouse! There are also starlings nesting in our garden which can be quite noisy when the babies come, each year the starlings raise their young here and as soon as they fledge the swifts arrive and we have another lot of babies. Its such an exciting time of year.
The tortoises managed to get into the garden today as well, we have the old guy who is at least 50, he ambles around doing not a lot, by 3pm he dug himself in and went to sleep. The hatchlings are enjoying the garden, its only the second time they have been on the lawn ever, they are seven months old now and life is such a big adventure even if it is at a very slow pace!
I hope you have all had a lovely day with plenty of sunshine. Now I need to post!
For now
Sarah x

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