Saturday, 26 March 2011

Meet The Office Cat

Just over five years ago this little cat turned up at my house, she hung around for a while and was obviously hungry. 'Spike' had a collar and tag so I called the number only to be told that the 'owner' had moved away and the young chappy I was speaking to didn't want the cat. So Spike came to live with us, she was a darling little thing, very loving and sweet and very soon was huge, she was expecting kittens! So one morning I woke to Spike pawing me, I came downstairs and she jumped onto her blanket and within a minute we had kitten number 1, kittens number 2, 3 and 4 soon followed. All were white like their mum and were really cute.
When they kittens were six weeks old I took them to the vets for a checkup and Spike to have her 'op'. At eight weeks two kittens went to new homes and I was left with Bandit and Miranda. Sadly Bandit got hit by a car one night and despite a massive operation to re-wire his jaw he died. Spike went as quickly as she came. As soon as she could go out again she disappeared and although we put up notices we never saw her again. I think she just chose me to be her mum as she needed somewhere warm and safe for her babies.
So we were left with Miranda... The office cat! She is a complete lunatic who goes through phases, she spent weeks sleeping in the pantry during her 'Pantry Phase' and then we had the 'Table Phase' where she wouldn't move from the side table under the lamp. Now we have the 'In Tray Phase'. To get anything out I have to move her, she looks at me with disgust and jumps straight back in.
Miranda Sleeping!
See what I mean...

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