Monday, 28 March 2011

Had to share....

And hope the customer does not see my blog :)
I made a lovely guest book with an odd paper I managed to get hold of. The paper was really lovely but I only had enough for one book so I made a 'special one of a kind' guest book and sold it on auction. Now I stated that this book would never be made again, it was a ONE OF A KIND!!!!!
I am sure you can all guess what is coming next... a lady then emailed to ask me did I have another one as she only missed the auction by 50p! Hoping to give her the answer I sent this question.. 'Which book do you mean?', to which she replied, 'The one of a kind book'.
Oh My Gosh!!! What a star!

Anyway a couple of newbies, sunflower guest books and sunflower themes are really popular at the moment and are set to go into next year too, hope you like them x
Sunflower Guest Book Finished In Sage Green
Sunflower Guest Book Finished In Brown

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