Monday, 14 March 2011

Monday Morning

Well another week begins and what a week it is set to be, we have so many orders to get out this week that I am not too hopeful of designing any new items.
The weekend seemed to pass so quickly and in some ways it was a good thing. I am feeling claustrophobic! I am married to a lovely man but a man who is a collector! He collects anything and everything (he even has a piece of wood and a crab shell on his desk that he 'collected' from the beach on Anglesey. Now I am more of a 'bin it' kind of person; if its not beautiful, useful or sentimental I put it in the bin. I don't collect anything except pets and they don't count. So this weekend I start to think about the house and what I want to do with it, hubby just spent an obscene amount of money on a barometer so I should be able to get my living room done right? Sounds easy enough but then there are his books, his dvd's, his quirky little pictures and ornaments. Argh!!!
Thank god its Monday, no time to think about these things now until Friday!

Have a great week!
Sarah x

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