Friday, 22 April 2011

Yesterday! What a nightmare.

Well I got up yesterday all ready for work, raring to go and in the mood to make some serious progress. I made my cup of tea and went to the office, sat in front of the computer ready to answer my messages and check my new orders. Thats where it all came crashing down, the ruddy thing had died. I was presented with a black screen, the power was there but I couldn't see a damn thing.
Ok not one to be beaten I turned it off and decided to make some guest books, I had make 5 when I realised that I couldn't actually finish them becuase I needed to print off the personalisation panels.... ARGHHHHH.
The whole day was a nightmare of trying to make progress and trying to get the machine to work.
By 6pm I had well and truly had enough so it was off to buy a new laptop and here I am, on my new laptop which needs setting up and all my work loading onto it so even more work when I really don't have time.
What a nightmare yesterday was!

On a brighter note..... we are doing REALLY well in the shop and also with lots of orders by word of mouth, in fact we are considering my husband giving up his job and really expanding the business. Early days yet but a sad event has meant that we are in a position to give this a go.
Will keep you updated!
For now
Sarah x

Saturday, 16 April 2011

What a week but at least the sun is shining!

Sorry I have not been on to post a new blog for a while, this past week has been unbelievably busy. We have had our 'normal' orders coming in but also an order for 5 A4 memorial books for hospitals and 7 A4 bridesmaid books along with an order for a huge amount of wedding stationary! It can all seem overwhelming at times.
I have also been working on my second website this is my new memorial site and although we are already receiving orders I was unhappy with the look of it so decided to have a change, we are specialising in items for the loss of a child so wanted something to reflect that, hopefully I am getting there.
Then I will think Angel Kisses looks drab so I will start on that, I am never happy and always seem to need to change things! *Sigh*
Oh well back to it
Have a lovely day, hope you have the sun as well.
Sarah x

Monday, 11 April 2011


What a horrid midday it was here today. Nice sunny start then heavy rain and a sunny but cold end to the day, not at all what we have been used to. Work has been slow today after a really productive week whilst the sun was shining, it just goes to show how the weather affects moods.
I have been busy setting up my account with so you will be able to find us there too when it relaunches at the end of April. Its always exciting to find new places to list; spreading our products far and wide can only help to grow our business. (Thank you to Princess Kitten for recommending this site.) Having said that orders are still flooding in fast with the 'Simply Charming' Birthday and bridesmaid memory books being a firm favourite at the moment. In the wedding guest book range the brocade and diamante buckle books are a real hit and are being ordered in all colours available.
I have ordered lots more stock and will have some great books to add the the Simply Charming range very soon.
I also have a really exciting item to add for new babys and christenings but you will have to wait just a little longer for that one.
Ok bed time now in preparation for a really productive day tomorrow.
Night all x

Sunday, 10 April 2011

A beautiful day

What a lovely day its been today, I woke up to the sun streaming through the windows and I almost bounced out of bed, how cheerful does a little sun make you feel!
So after a cup of tea I headed off to the country park with my little dog. Its such a beautiful park whatever the weather. It always feels so peaceful there and so safe. I had noticed a few trees damaged by what looked like deer so looked it up and somebody described the park in snow as being just like Narnia and I have to agree. Anyway today it was nothing like Narnia! As it was early there were only a few dog walkers about and so it was lovely and quiet.
I came home to find the old guy (tortoise not husband!) was up and waiting for his breakfast so I fed him and put out the girls, for those of you that don't know, the girls are my hermanns tortoise hatchlings, they are 9 months old now and will one day be wives for the old guy! I just have to grow them big enough first.
I then had to come into the office, the crafting was calling, it's almost impossible to have a day off from it no matter how sunny it is. Crafting is an obsession!
I made a new civil partnership guest book. This book can be customised for a wedding, engagement or any other special occasion and can be found in my shop now.
Black and White Buckle Design

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Cards From Princess Kitten

The posty came today and brought me a lovely package of cards which I Purchased from Princess Kitten ( ) I have to say I was not disappointed! They truly are stunning and much nicer than the pictures showed. I bought a New Home card for my son and it is now on its way to Cornwall.

Pay this site a visit, brilliant products, fantastic prices and a great and friendly service.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

A Beautiful Day!

The sun is shining bright today and it puts me in a good mood. Even though I am stuck to my desk making up orders it makes the work seem so much easier and I have to say I am getting the guest books made up, personalised and packed in record time!
Sales wise its been a great day with 8 guest books sold in just one order! I must be doing something right :) My second website is also doing really well and I hope to get the blog for that site going very soon, I started it but just can't seem to find the time to do everything at the moment.
I have made a couple of new books which are really pretty and elegant yet are part of the budget range so are affordable to all. Hope you like them!
In Duckegg Blue

Pretty In Pink

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Oh my word, I got tagged!!

Pandy or Princess Kitten tagged me!!! (
I am so excited, this is my first time so here goes...

3 names I am known by - Sarah (my Sunday name), Ernie (my husbands pet name for me!), Saz (my sisters nick name for me)

3 places I have lived - I wish... Only ever lived in Bolton but would love to be able to move to Anglesey one day.

3 places I have worked - In my lovely little home, In Radcliffe for Shell Petroleum and in Ellesmere Port for Petrol Express

3 things I watch - Soaps (all of them!), Holby, Jeremy Kyle (They remind me of my family).

3 things I love to eat - Chicken salad, fruit and lamb dinner

Now I have to pass it on to 3 people, hope I got it right and sorry I am not so interesting x