Friday, 22 April 2011

Yesterday! What a nightmare.

Well I got up yesterday all ready for work, raring to go and in the mood to make some serious progress. I made my cup of tea and went to the office, sat in front of the computer ready to answer my messages and check my new orders. Thats where it all came crashing down, the ruddy thing had died. I was presented with a black screen, the power was there but I couldn't see a damn thing.
Ok not one to be beaten I turned it off and decided to make some guest books, I had make 5 when I realised that I couldn't actually finish them becuase I needed to print off the personalisation panels.... ARGHHHHH.
The whole day was a nightmare of trying to make progress and trying to get the machine to work.
By 6pm I had well and truly had enough so it was off to buy a new laptop and here I am, on my new laptop which needs setting up and all my work loading onto it so even more work when I really don't have time.
What a nightmare yesterday was!

On a brighter note..... we are doing REALLY well in the shop and also with lots of orders by word of mouth, in fact we are considering my husband giving up his job and really expanding the business. Early days yet but a sad event has meant that we are in a position to give this a go.
Will keep you updated!
For now
Sarah x


  1. Ive just had to buy new computers, two died on me in a month...quite hard to run an internet business with no internet lol

  2. Hi sarah , seems it's the month for computers to play up ,mine is touch and go too.