Saturday, 16 April 2011

What a week but at least the sun is shining!

Sorry I have not been on to post a new blog for a while, this past week has been unbelievably busy. We have had our 'normal' orders coming in but also an order for 5 A4 memorial books for hospitals and 7 A4 bridesmaid books along with an order for a huge amount of wedding stationary! It can all seem overwhelming at times.
I have also been working on my second website this is my new memorial site and although we are already receiving orders I was unhappy with the look of it so decided to have a change, we are specialising in items for the loss of a child so wanted something to reflect that, hopefully I am getting there.
Then I will think Angel Kisses looks drab so I will start on that, I am never happy and always seem to need to change things! *Sigh*
Oh well back to it
Have a lovely day, hope you have the sun as well.
Sarah x

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